Tanzfiguren “Mainstream”

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Insgesamt haben wir im Tanzlevel Mainstream 68 Figuren.

17. August 20171Circle Left/ Right
17. August 20172Forward and Back
17. August 20173Dosado
3aDosado to a Wave
24. August 20174Swing
24. August 20175Promenade
24. August 20175aCouples (Full, 1/2, 3/4)
24. August 20175bSingle File Promenade
24. August 20175cWrong way Promenade
17. August 20175dStar Promenade
17. August 20176Allemande Left
31. August 20177Arm Turns
24. August 20178Right and left Grand Family
17. August 20178aRight and left Grand
24. August 20178bWeave the Ring
24. August 20178cWrong way Grand
24. August 20179Left/ Right Hand Star
24. August 201710Pass Thru
23. November 201711Half Sashay Family
23. November 201711aHalf Sashay Family
14. July 201711bRollaway
24. August 201711cLadies in, Men Sashay
24. August 201712Turn Back Family
24. August 201712aU-Turn Back
24. August 201712bBacktrack
23. November 201713Seperate
23. November 201713aAround 1 oder 2 to a line
23. November 201713bAround 1 oder 2 and come into the Middle
13. October 201714Split Two
17. August 201715Courtesy Turn
17. August 201716ladies Chain Family
17. August 201716aTwo Ladies Chain (Reg. 3/4)
17. August 201716bFour Ladies Chain (Reg. 3/4)
31. August 201716cChain Down the Line
14. September 201717Do Paso
13. October 201718Lead Right
26. October 201719Veer Left/ Right
26. October 201720Bend the Line
11. January 201821Circulate Family
11. January 201821aNamed Dancers Circulate
11. January 201821bCouples Circulate
25. January 201821cAll Eight Circulate
21dSingle File Circulate
21eSplit/ Box Circulate
17. August 201722Rigth and Left Thru
9. November 201723Grand Square
9. November 201724Star Thru
9. November 201725California Twirl
28. September 201726Walk around the Corner
28. September 201727See Saw
28. September 201728Square Thru (1,2,3,4)
Left Square Thru (1,2,3,4)
11. January 201829Circle to a line
23. November 201730Dive Thru
25. January 201831Wheel around
32Thar Family
32aAllemande Thar
32bAllemande left to an Allemande Thar
32cWrong Way Thar
33Slip the Clutch
34Shoot the Star
34aShoot the Star full around
35Box the Gnat
*8cWrong Way Grand
36Trade Family
36a(Named Dancers) Trade
36bCouples Trade
36cPartner Trade
37Ocean Wave Family
37aStep to a Wave
*21cAll Eight Circulate
38Alamo Ring Formation
39Swing Thru/ Left Swing thru
40Run/ Cross Run
41Pass the Ocean
10.02.201843Wheel and Deal
25. January 201844Double Pass Thru
10.02.201845First couple go left/ Right
Next Couple go left/ Right
Reverse Flutterwheel
48Sweep a Quater
49Trade by
50Touch 1/4
*21dSingle File Circulate
*21eSplit / Box Circulate
51 Ferris Wheel
53Turn Thru
54Eight Chain Thru/
Eight Chain 1,2,3…
55Pass to the Center
56Single Hinge/
Couple Hinge
57Centers in
58Cast off 3/4
59Spin the Top
60Walk and Dodge
61Slide thru
62Fold/ Cross Fold
63Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
64Spin Chain Thru
65Tag the Line
(In/ Out/ Left/ right)
66Half Tag
67Scoot Back
68Recycle (from a Wave only)
55Bisherige Figuren
10.02.2018SonderfigurRainbow Stroll